Thursday, March 18, 2010

Major Spring Snowstorm Poised to Strike Region

As I've been advertising for several days now, we will see a significant spring snowstorm over the next 36 hours. A cold front bringing air from northern Canada with it (for all intents and purposes, Arctic air) is pressing south as we speak; this front will interact with a developing area of low pressure to our south and east, and the combination will deliver sharply colder temperatures, heavy snowfall, and potentially very gusty winds on Friday.

Here is how I see events playing out:
  • wet snow, perhaps mixed with rain at onset, will develop sometime after midnight
  • snow will become moderate in intensity by Friday morning
  • Friday will bring moderate to heavy snowfall, especially from late morning to late afternoon
  • northeasterly winds will gust up to 30mph at times, especially over eastern areas, causing the potential for blowing and drifting snow and wind chills in the teens or lower
  • temperatures will slowly drop through the day from early "highs" in the upper 20s to near 20 by early evening
  • moderate snowfall will persist, though with lighter winds, Friday night, as temperatures drop to the mid-to-upper teens
  • snow should taper off rather rapidly by early Saturday morning
Snowfall forecast:


I realize this is a wide range, but in an event like this, I believe that location will significantly affect snow totals. For snowfall distribution, I anticipate that the highest amounts will be as you move northwest from Denver towards Boulder and the foothills; lower amounts from downtown Denver to points south and east.

Note: ground temperatures are very warm due to our recent temperatures in the 60s; it is quite possible that much of the snow will not stick to paved surfaces, except during the heaviest snowfall. This is tough to predict, though, so roads could, indeed, become slick during the day Friday, and will certainly ice over Friday night.

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FixItFish said...

Thank you Josh

Anonymous said...

you are right! im in fort collins and there is quite a bit more snow than in denver.

Kevin said...

Josh, you were right on with your forecast. Wow, nice work.