Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FINAL FORECAST: May 11-12 (!!) Snow

Keeping it short in the interest of time. This storm system is a dynamic one, with I would imagine still some tricks up its sleve, but here's how I see things unfolding. Note, as little as 500ft in altitude can make the difference in a storm like this from no snow to 1" of snow, or 2" of snow vs 4" of snow, etc. So these predictions are only rough guesses (with relatively low confidence) and your totals will vary accordingly -- possibly substantially
  • downtown Denver: coating to an 1"
  • Boulder/Longmont: 2-4"
  • ~6,000-7,000 ft: 4-10"
  • over 7,000ft: 12-24"
The vast majority of the precipitation will have fallen by dawn for the majority of the metro area, and I think there will be little or no additional accumulation during the day for locations under 6500ft.

Finally, my gut feeling is -- were this forecast to bust -- my numbers for Denver/Boulder would be too low as opposed to too high.

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